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Guitars & Ukuleles

Providing Everything You Need


Acoustic Guitars

We have a huge selection of acoustic and acoustic electric guitars from Ibanez, Teton, Yamaha, Admira, Indiana, and Tanara. These range from 1/2 size beginner guitars to all solid professional models! Call for availability!


Electric Guitars

We have an excellent selection of electric guitars from Ibanez, Squier, Yamaha, Epiphone, and Stagg. With amps from Laney, Ibanez, Stagg, and Fender. Call for availability!


We have more than 75 ukuleles in all different colors, styles, and quality plateaus. All of them come with a bag. Even our least expensive ukes play great and would help you enjoy the island sounds of the uke!


We have all the accessories that you would need for any instrument including cases, capos, picks, tuners, metronomes, drumsticks, etc.

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