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Stagg SA25A Mahogany


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The Stagg SA25AMAHO is a little guitar with HUGE value. Although called an auditorium guitar, it much closer resembles a range size guitar. Perfect for anyone who wants a full size neck with a smaller body. Because of it's size, it is very comfortable to hold for people with any size of body. It also is often chosen as a travel guitar. This guitar seems to defy physics because although it has a small body, it has a big rich tone and very full sounding bass.

Acoustic auditorium guitar, sapele, natural finish

Top: Sapele
Back and sides: Sapele
Neck: Okoume
Fingerboard: Blackwood
Bridge: Walnut
Top, back and sides binding: ABS Black
Bridge: Compensated
Machine heads: Diecast, chrome
Finish: open pore


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